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There is for now only a few tools allowing people to create ZIM files.


You can create on Wikipedia and all other Wikimedia projects, ZIM files of article selections. For example on http://en, This is based on the MediaWiki Collection Extension (see below).


MediaWiki Collection Extension

The Collection extension for MediaWiki provides the ability to select articles and export them in different formats, such as PDF, ODF and ZIM. The main purpose of Collection extension is to create printed books - instead of export you can also choose to have the selected articles printed on demand as a real book.

The Collection extension can be easily added to any MediaWiki installation:


zimwriterdb is part of the openZIM project. This binary uses a pre-filled Postgres Database and create the corresponding ZIM file. Only (see below) is for now able to fill the database.

This script is part of the Kiwix tools and allows to build a ZIM file from a HTML directory containing all necessary ressources.

You need:

  1. Checkout the dumping tools : svn co
  2. Install all necessary Perl modules
  3. run the script like following: ./ --htmlPath=./html [--indexerPath=./zimindexer] [--zimFilePath=articles.zim]


(can be used to prepare static HTML files from a running Mediawiki instance.)

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