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Date and Location

  • June, 24th - 27th, 2009
  • Berlin, Germany


  • Aircraft: there are cheap flights to Berlin Schönefeld (IATA Code SXF) Note: airfare is very dependant on which flight you choose and how early you book - these figures are only approximate costs
    • from Basel: Easyjet from BSL: 105 EUR both ways
    • from Paris: EasyJet from ORY: 140 EUR both ways
  • Train:
    • from Basel: 7h, cost: 254 EUR both ways w/o discount
    • from Zürich: 8,5h, cost: 292 EUR both ways w/o discount
    • from Karlsruhe: 5,5h, cost: 248 EUR both ways w/o discount
    • from Frankfurt/Main: 4,5h, cost: 222 EUR both ways w/o discount
    • from Paris: 8,5h, cost: 370 EUR both ways w/o discount



  • Sunflower Hostel -
    • one shared room for all of us - around 17 EUR per person and night (depending how many we are), shared showers and bathroom
    • breakfast: 3 EUR / person and day
    • 5% discount for students
    • alternative appartment for up to 4 persons, 70 EUR / day or 330 EUR / week (if we take it for a week and be there for 5 nights with 4 persons it would make 16,50 EUR per person and night)


please list yourself

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Transportation Name Accommodation
? X X X X X X aircraft or train from Basel Manuel Schneider needed, shared room
? X X X X X X train from Basel Annette Wilde needed, shared room

Material List

please list your name if you can bring something from this list or add other things you will bring or which you think we should get