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The openZIM project has two different targets:

  • the ZIM file format, an open, standardized file format to store Wiki content efficiently for offline usage
  • an open source implementation of the ZIM file format consisting of the zimlib, zimwriter and zimreader

The openZIM project is sponsored by Wikimedia CH and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Currently we support MediaWiki and are working on having creation of ZIM files for all Wikimedia projects. See our mission statement and our roadmap for more information.

News and Events   edit

Wikimania 2011
August 2nd - 7th
During the Hacking Days (Aug. 2nd/3rd), prior to Wikimania 2011 (Aug. 4th - 7th), we will have our 4th Developers Meeting.

The Hacking Days / Wikimania / Developers Meeting takes place in Haifa, Israel.

Wikimania 2011 website.
WikiOnBoard released to Ovi Store
Get the WikiOnBoard ZIM Reader for your Symbian / Nokia device: Source code is available here:
Make ZIM files now easily with Collection Extension
Today Wikimedia Foundation announced that the Collection Extension for MediaWiki, developed by PediaPress, is now able to create ZIM files. So you can easily select the content you want and just export a ZIM file.
3rd Delevopers Meeting
We had our Developers Meeting on October 15th to 17th in Strasbourg. Read our report.
ZIM and LZMA2 for Java
Arunesh Mathur is developing a ZIMReader in Java for developers who are interested in making Android and J2ME based offline readers. Find the code here:

Lasse Collin has ported LZMA2 to Java. You can download the source and the docs over here:

Feel free to contribute. Lasse's code is open source software.
Wikimania 2010
July 9th - 11th, 2010
At the yearly international Wikimedia conference, this year in Gdansk (PL) there will be a long Wikipedia Offline workshop where openZIM is involved (Friday 9th, 2 - 6 pm).

Also many of the openZIM team are participating at Wikimania. Meet us in Gdansk!

Wikipedia DVD LinuxTag 2009
Our Wikipedia DVD is available on our booth at LinuxTag in Berlin, hall 7.2a booth 113a.
running the zimreader on DVD
bin/zimreader zim/wikip000.zim
  -x zim/wikipedi.zim
report bugs!
Wikimania 2009
August 26th - 28th, 2009
openZIM has presented itself, its goals and delieverables at the annual international Wikimania conference in Buenos Aires. Visit the talk of Manuel Schneider and get in touch with us!
Cooperation with Wikimedia Foundation
In a phone conference with Erik Möller, Brion Vibber and Tomasz Finc of the Wikimedia Foundation and Manuel the goals and deliverables of the openZIM project have been discussed. The WMF aims to include the ZIM file format into their dump process and that they will support openZIM to become the standard offline format for Wikimedia Wikis. Long-term goal is to have a "one-click" functionality inside MediaWiki to create ZIM files on demand. Some more interesting ideas and projects the Wikimedia Foundation is looking forward have been discussed, openZIM may become part of those as well.
openZIM project started
The first developer meeting of openZIM just took place near Basel (CH). A team consisting Tommi Mäkitalo (Tntnet), Emmanuel Engelhart (Kiwix), Johannes Schauer (OpenMoko) and Manuel Schneider (Wikimedia CH) have been formed. openZIM will provide free documentation and implementation of the ZIM file format, an efficient storage for hypertext data, aimed at offline access to Wikipedia.

Current goal is to present the project at LinuxTag 2009 in Berlin and have a Wikipedia DVD with all german articles ready by then as a demonstration object.




Get the code
Using zimlib
Get in contact with other developers
Ongoing work
ZIM file format documentation



ZIM and openZIM in the Media

2010-09-16 Wikimedia Israel
  • A Review: Ben NanoNote Gets Small with Embedded Linux "...A wide variety of user applications are under development by the community, including some that lean towards embedded device usage (such as the Rockbox digital music player and Vido offline-Wikipedia reader)...."
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