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  • The diff_file does not need to contain a meta article listing all article to update or create. This list is already in the diff_file, this is the list of articles of the diff_file.
  • The diff_file should not only store the articles to create, but also the articles to update.
  • This makes no difference if an article should be updated or created, in both case diff_file should store the whole article.
  • Yes, diff_file should store as a "meta list", the list of articles to delete.
  • zimdiff and zimpatch should not work with "diffs" of text contents, this is too complicated to implement correctly and won't bring big advantages. At least in a first time.
  • diff_file should store the UID of the original ZIM file to allow zimpatch to check before applying if it works on the right file
  • Pseudocode seems to me to be wrong, everything should be done in one run (no temporary list of articles, except maybe for the list of article to delete).