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=== Starting the ZIMreader on the DVD ===
== See also ==
<source lang=bash>
* [https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/gitweb?p=openzim.git;a=tree;f=zimreader;h=3fe2bb3d0a1a382ebb89163cfedbe3899d314b83;hb=HEAD Source code of the zimreader]
$> bin/zimreader zim/wikipedia-de.zim -x zim/wikipedia-de-x.zim
* [[ZIM reader|Other readers]]
* the ZIMreader binary is located in <tt>bin/</tt>
* the ZIM files are located in <tt>zim/</tt>
* <tt>wikipedia-de.zim</tt> is the ZIM file with all contents (mandatory)
* <tt>wikipedia-de-x.zim</tt> is the ZIM file with the fulltext index (optional)
== Other Readers ==
The ZIMreader provided by openZIM is just an example application, free to use and open source. It has been developed under the name "tntzenoreader" in 2007 by Tommi Mäkitalo, the developer of tntnet (and now lead developer of openZIM), to be used on the german Wikipedia DVD. The "Wikipedia DVD 2007/2008" contained Zeno files, the proprietary ''ZenoReader'' by DirectMedia and the free ''tntzenoreader'' as source tarball, Linux packages and Mac OS X package.
There are more Wikipedia Offline and other kind of offline readers out there which also use the [[ZIM File Format]].
* [http://www.kiwix.org/ Kiwix]
Feel free to integrate the ZIM file format into your offline reader and list it here.

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The ZIMreader is a reader software for end users to access the contents of ZIM files.

It is based on tntnet and works as a webserver:

  • put the ZIM files and the ZIMreader executable in the same directory
  • start ZIMreader
  • access the webapplication via http://localhost:8080/

Command Line Options

$> zimreader
usage: zimreader [options] zim-file

        -l <ip>        listen ip (default
        -p <port>      listen port (default 8080)
        -x <indexfile> full text index file name

See also