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  • Thomas Gries
    • has written email notification in MW
    • wants to provide Wikipedia to libraries
    • on "hardware" such as DVD or similar
    • the goal is to have a fixed version with ISBN etc. for archiving reasons
    • fixed publication date
  • Tomasz Finc
  • Asaf Bartov
    • embedd a static version of hebrew Wikipedia into the OLPC computers in Israel
    • complications with the hebrew language (r-t-l support, stemming...)
    • project BenYehuda library for hebrew texts
    • rich text
    • with diacritics
  • Ryan Lane
    • needs manuals, handbooks etc. including images, PDF etc.
    • HTML dump would be easy, just to copy over the data to the workstation and view in Firefox
    • article and image selection is the more pressing problem
  • Chun Cui
    • looks for a way how to get plain ASCII text out of XML dumps
    • for analysis of the language corpus
  • Fabien Coulon
    • presents Okawix
    • using Zeno, but want to switch to ZIM
    • automizing the selection of articles
    • universal format to describe selections


link to history is completely fine

  • gives a list of all versions
  • gives a list of authors

link to the license text


use the collections extension from PediaPress to make dumps of collections - can be in any format then

  • blacklists needed - eg. for "kosher Wikipedia"


working on Collections extension

  • seperate the UI from the "backend"
  • collection is kept in a PHP array in the session
  • make a CLI to run the collection
  • add more interfaces for output - PDF (as now), XML, HTML, ZIM