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! Language
! Language
| yes
| yes
| [http://www.sil.org/iso639-3/codes.asp ISO639-3 language identifier]
| [http://www.sil.org/iso639-3/codes.asp ISO639-3 language identifier] (if many, comma separated)
| ''eng''
| ''eng''

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In order to provide a description to each ZIM file that can be easily extracted we defined a special namespace M and a standardized set of keywords that should be used.

Every key is defined like an article, the key name is used as the article name, the key value is put into the article text. This way also metadata is compressed, but extendable. Further keys could be used in a ZIM file without breaking the standard but please be aware that maybe the openZIM project will define additional keys in the future. Any ZIM library reading this metadata should ignore missing keys / values and just return NULL values in such cases.


Key Mandatory Description Example
Title yes title of zim file English Wikipedia
Creator yes creator(s) of the ZIM file content English speaking Wikipedia contributors
Publisher yes creator of the ZIM file itself Wikipedia user Foobar
Date yes create date (ISO - YYYY-MM-DD) 2009-11-21
Description yes description of content This ZIM file contains all articles (without images) from the english Wikipedia by 2009-11-10.
Language yes ISO639-3 language identifier (if many, comma separated) eng
Relation no URI of external related ressources
Source no URI of the original source http://en.wikipedia.org/
Counter no Number of non-redirect entries per mime-type image/jpeg=5;image/gif=3;image/png=2;...


A favicon (48x48) is also mandatory and should be located at /-/favicon

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