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This is the website of the openZIM project.

For more information on what openZIM does see the Mission of openZIM.

Apart from that openZIM is an open source project, generating free software (GPL) and a free documented file format.


This website runs MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia. Everyone is allowed to sign up and edit in this wiki. But please be aware that destructional changes will be reverted and vandalising users will eventually be indefinetely blocked.


All contents of this website / wiki is free licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 - Creative Commons license Attribution Share-Alike.

Details concerning the license and your rights see here:

If you are about to signup and edit this wiki you agree to publish your changes under this license.

Privacy Policy

This website is public, everything you put in here is public as well, except the details of your user account.

When signing up you don't have to provide a real name or an email address, though this might make sense when you work here in the team. These details are only visible to the Server administrator and are not published, copied or given elsewhere.

When accessing this website - also read-only - standard webserver logfiles are being created (apache combined). These are only visible to the Server administrator and not shared with others. Every hour anonymised statistics are being compiled which are publicly available.