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Our mission is to make web content available offline, with a primary focus on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

We focus on extracting and encoding data from Mediawiki for offline use. We would like to also add support for other wiki engines and content management systems so that this can become a ubiquitous file format for offline usages.

We even believe the file format could be flexible enough to support any kind of web data:

  • The ZIM file format is the most efficient and works on all platforms, embedded devices and desktop computers.
  • The ZIM file format is used by all kind of publishers, even outside the Wikimedia community.
  • Both ZIM reader applications and ZIM files are freely interchangeable.
  • Everyone can implement software for ZIM files because it is in a open and documented standard.
  • There is at least one free implementation which is open source (GPLv2), the libzim.
  • The libzim can be used easily in other software to make it easy to use the file format without having to implement it.

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