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Meeting 2009/1

The first meeting of the future OpenZim project team!

All developers interested in working on the OpenZim project are invited to join the team.



  • the project's name is "openZIM" which means we provide an open source implementation of the "Zeno IMproved" file format
  • Decision: the file format will be renamed to "ZIM" to distinguish between the Zeno file format from Directmedia
Indexing and Searching
  • several possibilities can be implemented:
    • internal search index
    • external search index
    • using an external library such as Zeno, Sphinx, Xapian...
    • Decision: will be postponed until next developers meeting which will focus on that
  • article texts in UTF-8
  • URLs in UTF-8
  • latin1 auto detection will be kept for backwards compatibility
  • problem: sorting multibyte characters
    • there should be libraries which are able to sort multibyte characters, including them
    • dropping QUnicode library

Header / Templating
  • discussion about how articles should be stored and viewed - some viewers need a dynamically created template (eg. web applications)
  • the ZIM creator should be able to create his own templates, CSS, javascript files etc.
  • Decision: the ZIM creator stores a template file inside the "-" namespace
  • the reader application can decide if it uses the template file to build the layout, but it is highly recommended to do so
  • Decision: the template article name is stored in the header, as well as the main page article name


Date and Location

The first openzim developer meeting will be from February, 20th to 22nd (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon).

Location: Schopfheim, Meeting room of company Tranter HES


  • Switzerland: train to Basel SBB (swiss station) - direct EC/IC/ICN trains from Zurich, Bern via Olten
  • Germany: train to Basel Badischer Bahnhof (german station) - endoint of most north-south ICE connections
    • ICE 509:
      • 15:54 from Frankfurt/Main Flughafen (track Fern 5)
      • 17:00 from Karlsruhe HBf (track 2) meeting point coach 25 (Bistro)
      • 18:36 at Basel Bad. Bf (track 3)
    • S6:
      • 18:49 from Basel Bad. Bf (track 5) meeting point at the head of the train
      • 19:11 at Schopfheim West (track 1)
  • France: train to Basel SNCF (french station) - direct TGV connections from Paris available
  • from Basel SBB/SNCF as well as from Basel Bad. Bf there is a suburban train line S6 running to Schopfheim (Schopfheim-West) which takes 25-35 minutes, the station in Schopfheim is just 200m away.
  • or fly to Euro Airport (EAP/BSL/MLH) Basel/Freiburg/Mulhouse (EasyJet, RyanAir, Air Berlin, Swiss, Lufthansa, Air France)
  • costs will be at least partly covered by the Wikimedia CH Sponsoring


All rooms are reserved at Hotel Löwen (single rooms, including breakfast and wireless internet). Just tell your name at the reception.

The rooms will be paid by Manuel Schneider and covered by Wikimedia CH Sponsoring.


Name Arrival Room booked
Manuel Schneider Friday, by car n/a
Kelson train, Friday 19:11 in Schopfheim West booked
Tntnet train, Friday - possibly also 19:11 in Schopfheim West booked
Josch train, Friday 19:11 in Schopfheim West, dep 17:00 Karlsruhe booked
Annette train, Friday 19:11 in Schopfheim West, dep 17:00 Karlsruhe n/a
Pascal Martin train, Friday 22:11 in Schopfheim West, dep 17:54 Paris booked

I am sorry I have a very big problem need to resolve this week, I am very glad to be say that i could not go to the meeting. Pmartin 11:35, 20 February 2009 (UTC)


Annette will take care of the catering during days. Breakfast will be at the hotel, for dinner we will see where we will go.

Are there any limitations concerning the food?

I'm vegetarian (but I eat fish) : but please do not invest too much enervy doing something special for me. Kelson 08:13, 12 February 2009 (UTC)
same here --Tntnet 10:37, 15 February 2009 (UTC)