MediaWiki Developer Meet-Up 2010

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Event Information

Date and Location


organised by Wikimedia Deutschland

Eastern Comfort hostelboat GmbH, Mühlenstr. 73-77, 10243 Berlin

  • 19 EUR / night
  • 4 EUR / breakfast
  • 5 EUR for towels and bedding OR bring your own sleeping bag and towels



Name registered Arrival Departure Travel Route
Manuel 2010-03-12 2010-04-13 2010-04-18 train Basel Bad - Berlin Ost
Pascal Martin 2010-03-19 2010-04-13 23:00 flying into Tegel airport
Fabien Coulon (instead if Guillaume Duhamel) 2010-03-19 2010-04-13 23:00 flying into Tegel airport
Asaf Bartov (Wikimedia Israel) registered 2010-04-14 2010-04-27 flying into Tegel airport


  • introduction into openZIM
  • description of the partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation
  • brainstorming about the ZIM export
  • invitation to participate in the workshop


  • sort out the results of the brainstorming
  • set up an architecture
  • agree on a roadmap
  • start implementing